State stevedoring company “Yuzhny” launched the expansion of handling complex for import bulk cargo.
Modernization programme for main facilities of SE STP “Yuzhny” includes the construction of a new complex. The programme is planned to be realised within a period of 2021-2025 and it consists of three large-scale projects. On January 3, 2020 project works related to the construction of a new complex were launched. According to the financing plan, there are 5,5 million hryvnia for this facility.
The enterprise was built and developed to handle export cargoes. However, the market has been considerably changing and the company has to adapt to new market demands. Today, SE STP “Yuzhny” handles approximately 2,6 million tonnes of import cargoes per year. A new complex is to increase the volume of import bulk cargo to 5 million tonnes and to reduce handling time. Main import cargoes are coking and thermal coal. Nowadays, there is an order for 5 million tonnes.
A new complex is to include the construction of the conveyor belt line near Berths 5, 6, 7 and it will take cargoes to a new upper storage area. Moreover, a new storage area with the capacity of 200 000 tonnes and state-of-art equipment will be set up.
Today, the coal is discharged onto the berth storage area, in particular lower part. “Ukrzaliznytsia” (Ukrainian railways) takes cargo to the station “Beregova”. The pitch is 10 %, which reduces the number of railcars moving upward. Railways of the upper storage area are without any pitch, it will allow to maneuver with 20 and more railcars of the station or the enterprise. So, the number of railcars handled and cargo throughput are to be increased.
“A new project will reduce the import cargo accumulation within the storage area and number of maneuver operations at the enterprise and railway station “Beregova”. Increasing the number of railcars handled up to 200 per day boosts the process of discharging and reduces down time of vessels due to lack of spare storage area”, – said acting director of SE STP “Yuzhny” Oleksandr Oliinyk.
Thus, great efficiency is to be achieved, including the rising of profits and reducing the cost of cargo handling and pressure on diesel locomotives of the company, and consequently, there will be less maintenance and fuel costs when manoeuvring operations carried out. Besides, a new complex for import bulk cargo will sustain the export cargo handling.
The facility is estimated to cost approximately 18,4 million US dollars (exchange rate of National Bank of Ukraine, 28.01.2020). It is supposed to generate profits of up to 500 000 US dollars per month. The construction of a new complex is to take place in 2021-2023.