Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny” plans to construct a new railcar dumping system. The facility is estimated to cost 130 million hryvnia. The current railcar dumping system to mechanically handle bulk cargo has been used since 1987.
The construction of a new handling complex for import bulk cargo with fitting a new railcar dumping system is to increase the volume of export and transit cargo.
The stevedoring company upgrades and modernizes the components of the current railcar dumping system on a regular basis. However, day to day railcar handling (450 units per day) is in jeopardy because of continuous operations and frequent repairs. Today, we have an order for 600-650 railcars.
“The company handles cargo with the railcar dumper system that is over 30 years old. Today, the system handles the current volumes of cargo, but our goal is to increase volumes. The record of December 31 is the norm for January 1. Buying a new railcar dumping system, we will sustain the company operations and boost railcar handling” – said acting director of SE STP “Yuzhny” Oleksandr Oliinyk.
A new system is estimated to increase the number of railcars by 150-200 units per day. It will allow to reduce volumes of cargo handling within berth facilities, and, consequently, decrease railway operations and increase the efficiency of cargo handling operations.
“Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny” is located on the north-west coast of the Black Sea in the nonfreezing Adzhalyksky estuary and it is the deepest port in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of loading & discharging services, storage and related works; it handles bulk, general and break-bulk cargoes. Scheduled cargo delivery and cargo handling are effectively performed due to the convenient location of the railroad station “Beregova”, developed infrastructure of the road and rail ways. The company operates five deep-water berths, two of which are dedicated to handling of Capesize vessel up to permissible DWT. Annual cargo turnover of the company is 15,07 mt.